1. Schedule your fitting

Visit our scheduling site to schedule your virtual fitting

2. Before your session

Please do a wet foot test following the instructions found here and take a picture of the result

You can also print out the following sizing guides, please ensure you choose ‘Landscape’ and 100% or ‘actual size’ when printing

If you don’t have a printer, click here for instructions on alternative measuring methods

3. Join the Video Chat

Join the session using Microsoft Teams on your laptop, phone, or tablet

4. Have a conversation

Chat with an expert and answer some questions about your fitness goals to determine what’s the best gear for you. Please have your current shoes and orthotics available.

5. Movement Activities and Sizing

Gait matters. To best assess, we may ask you to lace up and do some movement activities. Using your current shoe and feedback, along with our knowledge of the differences among models, we’ll determine proper sizing.

6. Shoe Recommendations

We’ll show you shoes that will be the best fit for you and your needs. Pick what you like!

Need other goodies to keep you running? We can recommend apparel and accessories too!


7. Order Shoes Online

We’ll guide you to our online shop to complete your shopping experience. Shoes can be shipped or picked up curbside at select stores.

8. Unboxing

Yay, your perfect shoe arrived! If you’re not happy, we will happily arrange a new virtual fitting to exchange for better fit or offer a refund.

9. Keep Moving!

Get out where you can and enjoy your run. Follow us on social for social distancing runs, challenges, and community connection.