Take a break from the roads and join us for a run on the trails. Enjoy some time in the shade while appreciating all of Cincinnati’s great beauty.

Trail running brings us back to the most basic of pleasures — moving quickly through the woods, over roots, rocks, and downed trees. It’s the adrenaline we once got from being chased, or from being on the other side and doing the hunting. And it’s the pleasure we found as children playing in the trees and splashing through mud puddles.

Our trail runs are free and open to all levels of expertise.

Come join us at one the times and locations below:

  • 6/6 Mariemont Trails
  • 6/27 England Idlewild Park
  • 7/11 Mt. Airy Forest
  • 8/8 French Park
  • 9/12 Ault Park

All runs start at 6:30pm