Presented by Tri-State Running Company and The Flying Pig Marathon

Welcome to the Fly Up to 5K. This page is for both teachers and/or parent volunteers who want to help middle school student become or stay active by training for and participating in the Tri-State Running Company 5k and for middle school students who want to walk or run a 5k but do not know how to get started.

Before attempting any exercise program, all participants should consult with their family doctor!

The programs below are all set up as 12 week programs and start the week of March 11. 

Beginner 5K Program: This program is designed for those who may not be runners yet but want to run the Tri-State Running Company/Flying Pig 5K.  The program slowly goes from walking and running intervals until you can run a full 5K!

Intermediate 5K Running Program: This program is designed for those who are athletic and can already run at least a mile without walking.  This program is designed for those athletes who want to stay in shape during the off season or begin to compete at the 5K level.