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Tri-State Running Company Staff


Cameron Simoneau, Owner Tri-State Running Company

I picked-up running while working 65+ hour work weeks in NYC. One day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize who that person was. So I picked out some old high tops that I had in my closet and started to run the loop in Central Park ... read more


Craig Currens, Edgewood Manager

It wasn't until 2002 that I became immersed with running and really started some actual training. My cousin had been running marathons for a few years by this time, and he coaxed me into running Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. So, in June of 2002 I completed... read more




Mary Simoneau

Running is great exercise and a fantastic sport to enjoy with friends. I ran track and field in High School for Lakota West and stuck with it after High School as a way to stay fit and enjoy life. I have run 6 marathons and most recently... read more




Craig Wheeler, Edgewood

Running entered my life in the fall of 2006 at the age of 46. I was 35 lbs overweight & on cholesterol medicine. My wife suggested I start walking or running to begin a healthier lifestyle. I began my walk/run program doing 2 miles/day... read more


Alex Henn, Edgewood

I started running three years ago when I was a sophomore at Lloyd Memorial High School. During my career at Lloyd I earned awards including both all regional and state recognition. I currently run for Thomas More College. I compete in a variety of races from... read more


Chris Herren, Edgewood

I have always had a desire to run and compete. I started my competitive racing career back in 1998 when I joined the Harrisburg, IL track team. I finished my high school career as the first All-State... read more


Randy Cox, Mariemont

I have been involved in the Greater Cincinnati running scene since 1974. Born with a leg disorder, I was always the slowest kid around, so at age 13 I started running with hopes of getting faster.  Before long, I started seeing amazing physical and...read more


Karen Monea, Edgewood

I always wanted to run but life got in the way until 2009, I decided I was going to train and run a marathon.  My husband of three years thought I was crazy saying, “People have died running in a marathon, why don’t you just work on running shorter distances faster?”...read more


Sarah Duncan, Edgewood

I started running when I was in the 4th grade for Lloyd High School. My older sister, Torey Duncan, was on the cross country team. Seeing her on the team inspired me to join and run with her. Over the years I kept improving and reaching goals I never thought I would reach...read more


Rich Evans, Mariemont

I guess you might call me a born again runner.  In high school, I ran track, cross country and played soccer.  I continued to run for fun and activity during college.  Not too long after graduation, I hung up my running shoes...read more








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